Assisted searches

Get to the crux of the issue together with a patent expert from the IPI. You will receive valuable search results that will help you make decisions about your idea or invention.


The IPI offers various types of assisted search so that you can find the right one for you:


Put your ideas under the microscope with an Assisted Patent Search

We offer Assisted Patent Searches to innovative SMEs, start-ups, individual inventors and public research institutes. A patent expert will provide information on patenting and together you will search in various patent databases. In this Assisted Patent Search, you will gain an initial overview of the state of the art (also known as prior art) and assess whether your idea is new. The results serve as an ideal basis for your next steps, such as applying for a patent or meeting with investors.


Gain an insight into competitors and technologies with an Assisted Patent Lanscape Analysis

We offer Assisted Patent Landscape Analyses to innovative SMEs, start-ups, individual inventors and public research institutes. Together, you and a patent expert will identify a core set of patent documents from your technology sector and then analyse the data. With the Assisted Patent Landscape Analysis, you will acquire a solid basis for your business decisions.


Where is the assisted search carried out?

The following three options are available to you for participating in an assisted search. In all cases, you are required to be present for the entire duration of the search.


  • At the IPI in Bern

You will benefit from the direct personal interaction with the patent expert, a high level of efficiency and our facilities and our optimal technical infrastructure.


  • At a partner location

You can participate in an assisted search at one of the IPI's various partner locations in Switzerland. You will carry out the search with us online via our partner's established and tested infrastructure. Our partner will provide you with comprehensive support and will help you to interpret the search results.


  • Online

We are also happy to carry out the search with you via an online meeting solution. This way, you can participate from your office or directly from home  – without the need for additional infrastructure.


Partnership with Innosuisse

Those applying for an Innosuisse funding programme can benefit from special terms for an Assisted Patent Search and a Patent Lanscape Analysis.