Renewal fees ensure continued patent protection


Swiss patent (CH)

Renewal fees are payable from the fourth year after the filing date. This is irrespective of whether the patent application is still being examined or whether the patent has already been granted.

You can keep the patent in force for 20 years from the filing date by paying the fees annually. The patent lapses if you fail to pay the renewal fees or on expiry of the 20-year period.


European patent (EP)

Once the European patent has been granted, the European Patent Office no longer has jurisdiction. All renewal fees for the Swiss part of the European patent should then be paid to the IPI in a timely manner. This ensures the patent remains in force in Switzerland. The renewal fees are the same as those that apply to Swiss patents.

If you would like your European patent to remain in force in other countries, you must also pay the relevant renewal fees to the competent national offices.

If a renewal fee that becomes due is not paid, the Swiss part of the European patent will lapse.

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