Counterfeiting and piracy

An introduction


What is a counterfeit?

A counterfeit is an illegal copy of an original. Counterfeiters try to imitate the characteristics, material or look of a legally protected product. Their aim is to take advantage of the reputation of the original, which is founded on a trade mark, an indication of source (such as "Swiss Made"), a design or a patent.


What is piracy?

Piracy is the illegal copying of works such as music, computer software and films. If films, music, books or images are used without a license, this is called piracy. It is the infringement of copyright and related rights.


Who is affected?

Counterfeiting and piracy have long been an industry-wide problem of global proportions affecting many Swiss companies. Not only does it harm large corporations, but also countless small and medium-sized companies who have worked hard to carve out their place in the market through their innovation and creativity.