Step 1: Enter fee

There are three ways to enter one or more outstanding fees for a debit order:


  1. Add outstanding fees manually:
    You can enter the fee or fees manually. To do this, you need to know the reference numbers of the applications, IP rights or procedures for which you want to pay a fee. If the IP rights are not linked to your user account, you also need to know the types of fees and the amounts.

  2. Search for outstanding fees:
    You can use the search function to search for outstanding fees for all the IP rights linked to your user account. You can limit this search to a type of IP right, a fee type and/or a specific time period, as you wish.

  3. Import CSV file with IP rights:
    You can also upload a CSV file listing the types of IP right (e.g. Swiss trade mark or patent) and the reference numbers of the applications or IP rights. If necessary, you can create a file containing the error messages so that you can check them.
    CSV template (in German, in French, in Italian)


All outstanding fees entered in this way are added to the order.


Finally, you will be shown a summary of the fees entered, the current account balance and the expected new balance. If incorrect information is entered, such as an unknown fee or an incorrect amount, an error message is displayed.


If all fees are entered correctly, you can proceed to the final step 'Confirm'.