Step 2: Confirm

In this step, you are shown the entire order again as well as a summary.


  • If anything is wrong, you can go back to the first step using the 'Back' button and correct the information.

  • If all the details are correct, you can confirm that they are correct and submit the order.


The order is processed automatically unless more than 20% or more than five of the fees entered have errors. Incorrect entries are rejected via a message to the order issuer.


The following errors may occur with your order:


  • One or more fees relate to procedures that are not linked to your user account and that have not yet been published.

  • One or more fees have not yet been created in our system.

  • One or more fees have already been paid.

  • One or more fees entered are too low.

  • The total amount of the order is higher than the credit balance on the current account.


If more than 20% or more than five of the fees entered in an order have errors, we process the order manually. If the error rate is too high, the entire order is rejected.