Terms of payment

The Fee Ordinance regulates the fees charged by the IPI for its sovereign activities and is approved by the Federal Council.


Extract from the IPI's Fee Ordinance* of 14 June 2016 (*full version available in German, French and Italian only):


Art. 5 Methods of payment

Fees must be paid in Swiss francs:

a.by payment or bank transfer to an IPI account designated for this purpose;
b.by any other method of payment authorised by the IPI.

Art. 6 Payment details




Each payment must include the name of the person making the payment and information that identifies the purpose of the payment. Instead of writing a description of the fee, a corresponding code can be specified in accordance with the annex.




In the absence of this information, the IPI will request the person who has made the payment to send the necessary information in writing. If this person does not respond by the date indicated by the IPI, the payment will be deemed not to have been made. 

Art. 7: Receipt and validity of payment

1A payment is considered as received when it is credited to the IPI’s account.




The payment deadline is considered to have been observed if the amount due has been paid on time at the Swiss post office or debited from a postal or bank account in Switzerland in favour of the IPI.

Art. 9: Timeliness of payment





If fees are not paid in full by the specified date, then payment is considered not to have been made. The IPI does not accept partial payments; for reasons of equity, it may waive recovery of negligible amounts without prejudice to the rights of the person liable for payment.
2It is the responsibility of the person liable for payment to provide proof of timely payment.


CHE-108.902.154 MWST