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Internet presence

Would you like your company to be online? Then remember to register your domain name.
Domain names that end with .ch (Switzerland) and .li (Liechtenstein) can be registered via various accredited registrars. The top-level domain .swiss is adminstered by OFCOM.

Find out if the domain name you want to use is still available. You can search for domain names that have already been registered via the websites of acrredited registrars.

Did you know that a protected trade mark and a domain name can conflict with each other? Before you register your domain name, we recommend that you determine whether identical or similar names have already been registered as trade marks. To do this, you can have a search provider carry out a search for you.

Caution: If you want to patent your invention or protect the design of your product, we strongly recommend not putting your website online until you've filed for protection. Publishing information about your product would destroy the novelty of it and make the invention or design ineligible for protection.

Further information


  • Newly registered trade marks as well as modifications to registered trade marks are published on Swissreg. Here you can carry out an initial search for nationally registered trade marks in Switzerland. Please note that searching this database cannot replace a professional search because it is not possible to carry out a similarity search for trade marks in Swissreg and the database does not include international trade marks with protection extended to Switzerland.


  • Professional searches: Searches for identical or similar trade marks protected in Switzerland can be carried out by a variety of professional providers.



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