Patent searches

Patent documents contain well-structured information on companies and new technologies, which you can access via public databases. It is therefore worth carrying out a search in patent specifications. You can either do this yourself or with the help of the IPI's search services.


Why carry out a patent search?

Patent specifications are published in various databases worldwide 18 months after filing – meaning you have free, valuable, up-to-date information on competitors, suppliers and the state of the art any time you need it. You can make good use of this information by carrying out a patent search:

  • As a source of inspiration. You might find technical solutions that you'd never previously thought of.
  • To avoid reinventing the wheel. Patent searches immediately reveal if somebody has already had the same idea as you.
  • To help determine patentability before applying for a patent. Patent searches show whether your invention is new and inventive and therefore patentable.
  • To protect you from infringing the patent rights of others. Do you use patent-protected inventions for your product or process? This is a question you should ask yourself irrespective of your own patents.
  • To keep an eye on your competitors’ inventions. Patent literature can give you valuable information for your own activities.

Searching for patents yourself

You can search for patents yourself in various online databases and obtain an initial overview for free.


Our services


Assisted Searches

Get to the crux of the issue at the IPI together with a patent expert in your specialist field.


Patent Register Searches

A Patent Register Search will provide you with information on every IP right with effect in Switzerland or abroad.


Swiss Patent Application Search

Once your patent application has been submitted, assess whether your idea is new and inventive.


Advanced Patent Searches

Various providers offer customised searches to suit your needs.