Young Swiss researchers eagerly await the final – whose invention will be crowned the winner?

The finalists of the Swiss Youth in Science national competition have been chosen. 109 young people will gather in Rapperswil from 2 to 4 May to contest the final and present their projects.


To participate in the biggest competition for young researchers in Switzerland, the enthusiastic innovators carried out research over several months. The result is a collection of creative inventions and works, including, for example, a digital shopping list and a project that investigates whether humans have bacterial fingerprints.


Investing in the future
The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) has been involved with Swiss Youth in Science for years. In February, IPI experts gave skills workshops on the basics of IP rights. In this way, young innovators are informed at an early stage of how they can protect their inventions and creations. Lastly, their research projects also generate valuable intellectual capital.


Intellectual property in focus – where we are involved