Swiss design data now available in Designview

20.11.2017 | Designs, Trade Marks

As of 20 November 2017, national designs entered in the Swiss design register are also available in Designview. This multilingual and user-friendly search tool is provided by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). It offers access to the registered designs of all participating national offices – generally patent and trade mark offices – as well as the interregional offices EUIPO, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and ARIPO (African Regional Intellectual Property Organization). With this tool, it is possible to <link en protecting-your-ip designs before-you-apply design-searches.html>search for approximately 12.7 million designs from 61 intellectual property offices.


The integration of Swiss design data into the tool continues our excellent collaboration with the EUIPO. Since 26 October 2015, Swiss national trade marks and applications have been integrated into TMview, a tool that provides access to more than 47.6 million items of trade mark data from 62 participating offices.


Designview and TMview – a practical source of information

Designview and TMview are made available by the EUIPO so that users do not have to consult the websites of various offices – each with its own layout and languages – for transregional searches. Designview and TMview therefore allow users to easily search all data from all participating offices.


The information contained in Designview and TMview is purely informative.


Swissreg remains the IPI’s official organ of publication. It is the sole organ through which the legally effective publication of register entries takes place. Please note, however, that the Swissreg database is not synonymous with the Swiss trade mark and design rights register. Only IP rights which are in accordance with the register extracts issued by the IPI are legally binding.