Swiss biotech companies continue to flourish

In 2019, 1.2 billion Swiss francs were invested in private and public biotech companies according to the Swiss Biotech Report 2020. Gene therapy, artificial intelligence and the production of advanced biologicals have developed into complementary strengths in the past year. The Swiss biotech ecosystem has become even more diverse, write the authors of the report, while the life sciences branch is now responsible for 40 per cent of all Swiss exports.



The Swiss Biotech Report has been published by the Swiss Biotech Association together with EY and seven more partners. It provides financial analyses and highlights of the past year, sheds light on mergers, acquisitions and collaborations, and focuses on the growing role of artificial intelligence. The IPI is represented in the Steering Committee of the Swiss Biotech Report and this year, has also contributed a technical article on the topic from the perspective of patents.

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