Switzerland is the 2022 innovation world champion

29.09.2022 | Patents, IPI

Switzerland is the 2022 innovation world champion

The Global Innovation Index (GII) 2022 ranks Switzerland as the most innovative country in the world for the twelfth successive year. The index covers 130 countries.


1. Switzerland (number one in 2021)

2. USA (3)

3. Sweden (2)

4. UK (4)

5. Netherlands (6)

6. South Korea (5)

7. Singapore (8)

8. Germany (10)

9. Finland (7)

10. Denmark (9)


The GII is drawn up by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Innovation is measured based on 80 criteria, such as: institutions; human capital and research; infrastructure; credit; investment; innovation linkages; knowledge creation, absorption and diffusion; and creative outputs. See categories here.


In the last three years, Switzerland has always been the leader for innovative performance (e.g. number of patents, share of high-tech manufacturing, high-tech exports, global brand value). For innovation inputs (e.g. expenditure on education, number of graduates in science and engineering, gross expenditure on research and development), Switzerland came in third this year, after being ranked fourth in 2021 and second in 2020.


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