Requesting register changes online

Changes to your register entry – such as address changes or a trade mark assignment – can be made directly to your IP right entry in the Trade Mark Database. This ensures that your correct and complete request will reach us without delay.


As the owner or representative of a trade mark, you can quickly and conveniently request changes to your register entry online via the trade mark database. You can do so via your user account or you can submit the change as a guest.


Registering changes online offers the following advantages:

  • Your request will automatically include all the necessary information.
  • We will process your request more quickly.
  • You can share your request with other people via a link and directly process acknowledgements of receipt, confirmations or objections to register changes.
  • You can stop working on a request and continue it at a later date.
  • Official documents of evidence are encrypted when transmitted.


If you have a user account, you can also view the status of all your register changes at any time. Furthermore, registered owners or representatives of an IP right with a user account do not have to submit any official documents of evidence unless the change concerns the cancellation of third party rights such as licences.


You can request the following changes to your register entry online:

  • Changes to the trade mark owner (i.e. transfer of a trade mark, change of name and address or correcting errors)
  • Changes to the representative, licensees, usufructuaries and pledgees (i.e. re-register or delete, change of names and addresses, correcting errors)


As soon as a register change has been made, it is published in Swissreg.


Please note that register changes can only be made in German, French or Italian.

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