Frequently asked questions about receiving IPI correspondence electronically


Can I receive IPI correspondence electronically?


Yes, we can send you all correspondence concerning IP rights procedures electronically. When you apply to register a new trade mark, patent or design or you request a supplementary protection certificate, inform us that you wish to receive correspondence on this procedure electronically only. In this case, correspondence will be sent in the form of signed emails via one of the two delivery platforms provided for this purpose: IncaMail or PrivaSphere. Please note that there is no provision for sending correspondence both electronically and by post in parallel.

You can change how you receive correspondence for each procedure. In addition, it is also possible to request electronic delivery at a later date.



How do I register for the electronic delivery of IPI correspondence?

  1. Register with IncaMail or PrivaSphere
    First of all, you need a user account on a delivery platform certified by the Swiss confederation: IncaMail or PrivaSphere
  2. Add your email address to the eGov subscriber directory
    In order to receive IPI correspondence electronically, it is necessary to add the recipient's email address to the eGov subscriber directory. The eGov subscriber directory is the directory of email addresses authorised for eGovernment communication. You can add your email address to the directory via your chosen delivery platform, which will include verifying the postal address you have provided, among other things.

    Below you will find brief instructions for the delivery platform you have chosen:
    IncaMail: Instructions for being added to the eGov directory via IncaMail
    PrivaSphere: Instructions for being added to the eGov directory via PrivaSphere
  3. Request electronic delivery from the IPI
    Please let us know for which procedures and applications you wish to receive communications by electronic delivery in the future.

    If your email address is already registered in the eGov subscriber directory, you can apply for electronic delivery directly in the application form or via e-trademark when you register your trade mark online, or you can email an application to us at the ekomm address.

This is necessary if you want us to deliver items of mail to you electronically. Until all requirements are met, we will continue to send you correspondence by post.


What do I need to know about electronic delivery?


Items of electronic mail are delivered according to how they are classified:


Retrieving registered items of mail from the IPI

As soon as the electronic delivery of correspondence from the IPI has been set up for the procedure you requested, you will receive registered items of mail electronically only – as registered eGov communications.

The registered items of electronic mail are available for you to retrieve (i.e. download) for seven days from the delivery platform you have selected. You will receive an invitation by email when they are available for retrieval. After expiry of this period, the item is deemed not to have been collected and the IPI receives notification of this from your delivery platform.

Please note that uncollected items will no longer be available on your chosen delivery platform after the retrieval period has expired.


All other correspondence

All items of electronic mail that we do not send to you as registered communications, such as confirmations of changes to the register, will go directly to the email address you have provided as signed emails.


Delivery of large IPI items via a download link

If correspondence from the IPI is larger than 5 MB, we will send you a link by email to the IPI’s Data Exchange Platform from which you can download the document.


I can't find the announced item of electronic mail on my delivery platform. What am I doing wrong?


If you do not download an item of electronic mail from the IPI within the designated seven-day retrieval period from your delivery platform, the item will no longer be available to you afterwards. As with registered letters, these items of electronic mail are nevertheless considered delivered. In such a case, it is essential that you contact us so that you do not miss any time limits in an administrative procedure.


I would like to continue or resume receiving my correspondence by post. Is that possible?


If you do not (any longer) wish to receive IPI correspondence electronically or if we cannot find the email address provided by you in the eGov subscriber directory, IPI correspondence will continue to be sent to you by post.



Do you have any questions about the IPI’s channels of submission?

We have also compiled the frequently asked questions about email submissions for you.