Methods of payment

Choose between different methods of payment depending on the fee or service concerned. Also learn about the IPI's Fee Ordinance and VAT obligations below.


The following extracts from the IPI's Fee Ordinance (in German, French or Italian) apply to the payment of sovereign fees. In addition to paying by invoice, the IPI also allows you to set up a special current account from which fees can be automatically debited after you have authorised payment. For services and certain sovereign fees for procedures specified by the IPI, you can also pay online (e.g. by credit card or via PostFinance).

  •  Sovereign activities provided by the IPI are, in principle, exempt from VAT. For training courses and other information services, the IPI has opted for taxation under Art 22 of the VAT Act and therefore includes VAT on invoices.
  • Services provided on the basis of private law, however, are subject to VAT under the VAT Act (see Art. 17 IGEG in German, French or Italian).

 You can find our conditions on the terms of payment page.