Patent protection

What is protected?Inventions i.e. new technical solutions to technical problems
How does it become protected?Granting of the patent
Minimum requirements• Novel
• Industrially applicable
• Inventive step
• Disclosure of invention
No protection for• Animal breeds, plant varieties
• Diagnostic, therapeutic or surgical procedures on humans or animals
• Use in keeping with public order or public morality
• Certain biotechnological inventions
What are the exceptions?Private use, research and teaching
Scope of protectionDefined in the patent claims
Period of protectionMax. 20 years
Indications of protection+pat+; pat. pend. (patent pending)
Use optional, misuse punishable by law
Application fees (CH)200 CHF (for the application),
500 CHF (optional search),
500 CHF (examination)
Renewal / maintenance fees (CH)100 CHF for the 4th year, after which the fee increases annually by 50 CHF (150 CHF for the 5th year, etc.)
Unique to SwitzerlandNovelty and inventive step not examined for (prior art search recommended)

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