Submissions and receiving correspondence

Find out everything you need to know about submitting documentation to the IPI in the sections below. For trade marks, note that it is also possible to receive all correspondence from the IPI electronically.


Email submissions

You can submit the Word and PDF files available for download on the documents and links page, as well as other documentation by email to the IPI. Please be sure to read the Terms of Use as well as the list of procedures for which submission by email is permitted. Please use one of the following email addresses only

The IPI will notify you of receipt of your email with an email containing a digitally signed confirmation. The confirmation contains the official date of receipt by the IPI. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt for a submission with a time limit, this means that the IPI has not received your submission. In such cases, it is essential that you re-send your submission to the IPI by post. You can find more information under Email submissions.



Submission by post or courier is, of course, open to you for all procedures. For some procedures, you can also submit documentation online. An overview of the possibilities can be found on the page submitting documentation for procedures.


For patent applications only

Please note that for new patent applications, you must submit three copies of the technical documentation if you send them by post (only two copies are required if you are submitting them after having already filed the application). However, if you send your documents by email to the address patent.adminnot shown@ekomm.ipito make life hard for spam, you only need to attach one copy of the technical documentation as a PDF file.


Electronic delivery – receive correspondence by email for trade marks

For trade marks, you can also receive corresponence from the IPI by e-mail after prior registration on one of the recognised delivery platforms and subsequent registration with the IPI. In this way, you can process, forward or archive IPI correspondence simply and easily. You can find all relevant information under electronic delivery.

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