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Here you will find key figures and information on design protection at the IPI. Designs are new, creative forms that can be protected by registering them with the IPI. This includes two-dimensional designs such as fabric patterns or bottle labels as well as shapes of watches, lamps and chairs. In 2019, most registrations were in the ‘clocks, watches and other measuring instruments’ category.



The IPI received the most design applications for the ‘clocks, watches and other measuring instruments’ category — for the fourth time in a row.


Designs in 2019


Figures apply to the period of Jan 1–Dec 31 2019.


(1) Explanation for the separation of IP rights (design registrations) and objects. In their request, the applicant can list several objects from the same product category. In the ‘furnishing’ category, a company can include a table, chair, sideboard, etc. within a single request. On average, each application includes three objects.


Top 5 design categories (2019)


For the fourth year running, most designs registered with the IPI were in the ‘clocks, watches and other measuring instruments’ category. The ‘packaging’ and ‘recording equipment' (Class 14, Locarno Agreement) categories followed in second and third place.


Design protection in annual comparison


Design registrations

705 IP rights for 2 852 objects

704 IP rights
for 2 529 objects

809 IP rights for 3 053 objects

Total active designs in Switzerland

9 433 IP rights for 32 416 objects

9 530 IP rights for 30 000 objects


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