Limitless film consumption?

22.02.2021 | Law and policy, Copyright, OTM

Are there any limits for Swiss nationals when they want to watch films abroad? This question is explored in a report just published by the Monitoring Office for Technological Measures (OTM).

Thanks to tablets and laptops, you can consume films and series anytime, anywhere. If you are abroad, however, the screen often remains black due to what is known as geo-blocking. The EU has taken individual measures to this end. The OTM examined what the situation is like for Swiss nationals staying abroad as part of the Digital Switzerland Action Plan.


For example, online content services sometimes provide recording functions or regionally adapted offers when customers are abroad. Switzerland joining the EU’s measures could improve the situation somewhat further, but it would require corresponding bilateral negotiations. However, a relaxation of geo-blocking could possibly be achieved on a contractual level between the rights holders and the online content services.


Read the OTM report: Portability Report in German, French or Italian