Initial help for start-ups – IPI workshop at the Start Summit

Technologies and entrepreneurship are the focus of the  Start Summit in St. Gallen from 21 to 22 March. At a summit workshop, two IPI experts showed start-ups how they can protect their digital innovations. Interest in the topic was great with participants asking plenty of questions, which then led on to a lively discussion.


How do I protect my software? Can I patent a program? When is an invention considered “new”? Is my trade mark protected worldwide? These are only some of the questions that Christian Moser and Heinz Müller from the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property were happy to answer. They explained step-by-step the rules for protecting copyright, trade marks and patents to the around 30 workshop participants. Because whether a company or a start-up, knowing what your possibilities are puts you at an advantage.


First come, first served...

“Intellectual property is an important financial asset,” says Heinz Müller. This is why you should look into protecting your innovation right from the outset. If you only do this once you have set up your company, you may meet with some unpleasant surprises. Your competitor, for example, may have been quicker and  already filed for a patent for their innovation, which was actually first created in your own back yard.


Dedicated to innovative young entrepreneurs

The presentation ended after 90 intensive minutes with an applause for the IPI experts,
who then went on to answer further questions one-to-one. One participant jotted down in his notebook alongside many key words: “The IPI can help you with questions!”


The presentation in St. Gallen is part of the IPI’s commitment to the Start Summit.