Green inventions shape our future

26.04.2020 | IP news, Law and policy

Every 26 April marks World Intellectual Property Day. This year, the focus is on how innovation can create a green future and the various ways in which IP can be used to achieve this.


Intellectual property has a key role to play in tackling climate change. “New climate-friendly innovations and new ways of thinking are urgently required to tackle the climate crisis and achieve a green future,” writes the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), based in Geneva. The IP system can serve as an incentive for this.


This year’s Word Intellectual Property Day celebrates the many inventors and innovators around the world who are committed to a green future – such as those working on cleaner alternatives to legacy fossil-fuel-based technologies, or on better and more sustainable food and natural resource management systems. They use the IP system to support their work and its adoption and use in society. As part of the campaign, WIPO examines how a balanced and robust IP system can support the emergence of a green economy.


The IPI partners with the marketplace for green innovations

Established in 2013, WIPO GREEN is a marketplace for sustainable technology. Its central element is an online platform that contributes to the diffusion of green technologies. The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) is an official partner of WIPO GREEN. Thanks to this partnership, the IPI can have an input into shaping WIPO GREEN and actively contribute to the diffusion of green technologies (for example with <link de uebersicht-dienstleistungen recherchen patentrecherchen begleitete-recherchen begleitete-patentrecherche.html patent>assisted patent searches).

World Intellectual Property Day is observed every year by WIPO to increase awareness of intellectual property. Intellectual property offices and institutes from around the world also take part in the campaign.

The IPI’s partnership with WIPO GREEN