EPO/IPI - invitation to a free public online seminar on patenting topics in green tech

14.04.2022 | Patents, Event, IPI

Following positive experiences with earlier events of this type in 2016 (“watch technology”), 2017 (“pharmaceuticals”) and 2019 (“computer implemented inventions”), the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property and the European Patent Office are pleased to invite you to a public seminar on patenting issues in the area of “Green Tech”, with particular focus on “battery storage” and on “photovoltaic modules”. This event will take place on:


                Tuesday, May 17, 2022, 8:50-11:45


As well as presenting specific issues of patenting procedures in this field of technology, the programme will also include patent landscaping in this area and a current update on the progress of the unitary patent. For further details, please refer to the attached programme. This half-day event will take place online via a “Zoom” link. Please feel free to share this invitation with anyone with an interest in the patent system in Switzerland. Attendance is free of charge. The seminar will be held in English (with the possibility of also raising questions or discussing issues in French or German).


If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please contact: trainingnot shown@ipito make life hard for spam bots.ch


We look forward to welcoming you to the event.