Daniela Marino elected as a new member of the IPI's Institute Council

24.11.2023 | IPI

At its meeting on 22 November 2023, the Federal Council elected Daniela Marino as a new member of the Institute Council. It thus adopted the proposal of the General Secretariat of the FDJP. Additionally, it re-elected the eight existing members of the Institute Council. Due to the restriction on periods in office, Beatrice Renggli was re-elected until 28 February 2025 and Evelyn Zwick until 28 February 2027.


Daniela Marino is the CEO and a joint founder of the company CUTISS. This Swiss life science company, which is headquartered in Schlieren, Zurich, specialises in regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and skin pigmentation. Marino grew up in the Sicilian town of Agrigento and graduated from the University of Milan with a Masters in Biotechnology. She then completed a doctorate at ETH Zurich. Her specialist subject is stem cells in vascular biology. In 2009, she took up a post-doctoral position on the research programme at the University of Zurich / Kinderspital Zurich hospital that led to CUTISS. Marino carried out research into vascularising implants, that is, adding properties such as blood and lymph vessels to artificial skin (source: PWC). In 2020, CUTISS was presented the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award. Daniela Marino has two children. She takes over from Sara Stalder, who is leaving the Institute Council after serving for the maximum permitted period of 12 years.


The Institute Council, composed of nine members, is the IPI’s chief operational governing body. It sets the IPI’s fees and approves the IPI’s budget, annual report and financial statements. In addition, the Institute Council determines the composition of the Executive Board (with the exception of the Director General, who is elected by the Federal Council). The Secretary General of the FDJP represents the federal government in the Institute Council of the IPI.