Counterfeiting exhibition extended

05.11.2018 | IP news

The exhibition at the Swiss Customs Museum on counterfeiting and piracy has been a great success. As a result, it is to be extended for a further year in 2019.


The Swiss Customs Museum in Cantine di Gandria in Ticino is closing its doors until next April for the winter season. But in doing so, it has also taken stock of the most recent season: according to the Federal Customs Administration, around 8,000 people visited the exhibition from April to October 2018.


The special exhibition “Beguiling appearance - murky shadows?”, which the Customs Administration and STOP PIRACY realised jointly, has been met with particularly great interest. The exhibition takes visitors into the world of counterfeiters, showing them how widespread fake products are and who are the instigators behind them. Visitors are also given tips on how to recognise counterfeits and on why it is worth buying originals.


The next Swiss Customs Museum season will run from 7 April to 22 October 2019.