15 years of ip-search

08.11.2018 | ip-search, IPI

The IPI has now been providing patent and trade mark searches for more than thirty years. But in November 2003, following a steady growth in demand for professionally prepared bases for decisions on trade marks and patents, the IPI decided to give its services its own name and platform in the form of “ip-search”. ip-search stands not only for premium quality patent and trade mark searches, but also for certainty, discretion and reliability.

Since ip-search began, its initial patent search team of 35 experts has grown to include more than 50 specialists with industry experience from all technical fields. Today, decision-makers from across the world rely on our services, and we have now carried out more than 10,000 patent searches for them.

This success has only been possible thanks to our customers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and trust, and look forward to being able to continue supporting you in your innovation process with our searches.