"Success through a smart IP strategy" Best Practice Event on 26.09 at the IPI




Did you miss the event? Takeaways and video highlights of this successful event are available on the website of SEF4KMU.



In cooperation with the growth initiative of the Swiss Economic Forum SEF4KMU, a Best Practice Event is taking place at the IPI in Bern on the afternoon of 26 September. The event entitled “Success through a smart IP strategy” is aimed at innovative young enterprises, SMEs and start-ups. 


At the event, the young enterprise Geosatis and the already established SME Sensirion – both winners of the SEF Award – will give an insight into their IP strategies. The IPI will also illustrate the opportunities and risks in the IP environment and show how information from patents can be used to make strategic company decisions. Light refreshments served after the event will give guests the opportunity to network with like-minded managers of innovative SMEs.


The event will take place primarily in German, except for the talk by Geostatis, which will be given in English. You can find more information about the event and details of how to register on the  SEF4KMU website.


The IPI supports Swiss SMEs and start-ups as a main partner of SEF4KMU


SEF4KMU is an initiative of the Swiss Economic Forum and renowned partners. It supports Swiss SMEs in their growth plans. The IPI supports SEF4KMU with expert knowledge, free assisted patent searches, patent landscape analyses and introductory courses for eligible SMEs. It also supports the initiative with generous funding.