Detailed results view

Click on a result in the overview to see detailed information on the certificate. You will find:

  • Information on the SPC or paediatric SPC:

    • IP right status

    • IP right phase

    • SPC or paediatric SPC number

    • Basic patent number (the link will take you directly to the detailed view of the basic patent in the patent database)

    • Category (medicinal product, plant protection product or paediatric [paediatric SPCs])

    • Application date

    • Grant date

    • Publication date

    • Start of term of protection

    • Maximum term of protection

    • Cancellation date and reason for cancellation

    • Information on authorisation/approval

  • Owner address

  • Representative address

  • History, i.e. all official publications since the publication of the application



The Export function allows you to export the search results as a PDF file. Please note that this database extract is not legally binding. To request a legally binding extract, please contact us.


Not sure of the meaning of the terms used in the detailed view? Take a look at this glossary.