Advanced search options

Add search operators to your search terms for a more targeted search or to search for terms with similar spellings. You can also limit your search to individual fields. All search operators can be used in combination with each other.



Search with the placeholders * and ?

You can use placeholders to search for terms with variable characters: for example, for an owner (e.g. Novartis AG, Novartis International Pharmaceutical Ltd., Novartis Pharma AG) or products with various endings. You can position the placeholders at the start, the end, or the middle of a word or in several positions in a word.


The options are:

  • ? for exactly one character

  • * for any number of characters (including zero)


Search Results


Novartis AG, Novartis Pharma AG, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics GmbH, Novartis-Erfindungen Verwaltungsgesellschaft


Escitalopram, Citalopram


Atorvastatin, Atorvastatinum, Atorvastatin + Amlodipin


Dexamethason, Dexamethasone


Restrict your search with AND or NOT

If you search for several terms, these will be connected by OR by default. Each result will contain at least one of these search terms.


Search Results

AstraZeneca Esomeprazol

Certificates of the applicant AstraZeneca (including products other than Esomeprazol) and certificates for the product Esomeprazol alone or in combination with other active substances (from various owners).


The search operator AND

If you combine search terms by using AND (or and), you will find all certificates that contain these search terms. You can also place a plus sign (+) before compulsory search terms.


For example, use the search operator AND to search for certificates of an owner for a specific product.


Search Results

AstraZeneca AND Esomeprazol
+Esomeprazol +AstraZeneca

Certificates of the applicant AstraZeneca for products containing Esomeprazol (including combinations of active ingredients containing Esomeprazol)


The search operator NOT

If you want to exclude search results containing specific terms, please combine the terms to be excluded by using NOT (or not) or by placing a minus sign in front of them.


Search Results

Aliskiren NOT Hydrochlorothiazid
Aliskiren -Hydrochlorothiazid

Aliskiren, Aliskiren + Amlodipine, Aliskiren and Valsartan


Search within ranges with [TO]

You can use [TO] to search within a range, for example, within a number series. The upper and lower values will be included in the search.


Search Results

[C0176758/01 TO C024397/01]

All SPC and paediatric SPC applications between C0176758/01 and C024397/01


Search in specific fields

Your search query will search for all certificate numbers, basic patent numbers, products, owner and representative addresses, and information on authorisations and approvals. For example, if you search for Novartis, you will find all certificates belonging to the owner Novartis as well as all certificates with a representative address containing the word Novartis.


For a more targeted search, you can restrict it to single data fields by using the advanced search. Alternatively, you can enter the names of the fields in the search box or refine the search via the results list.


Search a field via the results list

All relevant fields for your search term are displayed in the results lists (only in the list view). By selecting one of these fields, you can restrict the search to the corresponding data field. In the example below, if you were to click on Representative: Novartis in the search result, you would only be shown certificates that contain Novartis in the representative’s address.



Search a field via the search box

You can also input the fields you want to search directly in the search box. To do so, add the field name as a prefix before the search term (e.g. owner:meyer).


The following fields are available:


Field Description Example

SPC or paediatric SPC number

Number of a granted certificate or application


Basic patent number

Seven-digit number



Name of the product



Person or company.

The search function looks for the search term in all the owner addresses.

owner:Peter Meyer



Person or company that represents the certificate owner vis à vis the IPI.

The search function looks for the search term in all the representative addresses.


Information on authorisation/approval

Authorisation or approval number



The field search can also be combined with search operators such as placeholders or AND or NOT connectors.


If the search term is found in other fields, these are also listed in the results list (list view).




Search Results

product:aliskiren and owner:novartis

Finds all SPCs and paediatric SPCs for the product Aliskiren from the owner Novartis

product:rituximab and owner:roche

Finds all SPCs and paediatric SPCs for the product Rituximab from the owner Novartis