Your intellectual property

Every company or business has intellectual property. Do you know what yours is?


If you have a technical innovation, an original logo, a new design, an exciting novel or something similar, then you’ve probably invested a lot of time, effort, imagination and money in your innovation or creation. To be the one who actually benefits from your intellectual property – instead of one of your competitors – you can protect it from being copied with:


    These various types of protection give you the possibility of protecting your intellectual property from being used by others. They turn your innovations and creations into a tradeable commodity that you can sell, licence or pledge. You can also waive formal protection of your intellectual property if you wish. More information can be found on this under Conditional protection even without an IP right.



    Do you know what intellectual property your competitor owns? You should always make sure that your innovations and creations don’t infringe the intellectual property of others. You’ll find further information on this under Your competitors’ intellectual property.


    Short "UBS Impulse" video (in German) with Felix Addor


    Felix Addor, Deputy Director General of the IPI introduces you to the basic principles of protecting intellectual property in this four-and-a-half-minute video.

    Video UBS Impulse Felix Addor erklärt