Copyright law also regulates the related rights of performing artists, producers of phonograms and broadcasting companies.

What is protected?Works of literature and art (including
computer programs)
How does it become protected?Automatically at the moment of creation
Minimum requirementsLiterary and artistic creations of
the mind that possess an individual
No protection for• Content (ideas and concepts)
• Laws and official decrees
• Decisions by authorities
• Means of payment
• Patent documents
What are the exceptions?Private use, citations, back-up copies
and reporting of current events
Scope of protectionDefined by the concrete work
Period of protectionUp to 70 years after the death of the
author (50 years for computer programs)
Indications of protection©, “Copyright”, “All rights reserved”,
“Tous droits réservés” or similar
Use optional
Application fees (CH)None
Renewal / maintenance fees (CH)None
Unique to SwitzerlandCollecting societies:

Modernising copyright law

The revision of the Copyright Act is aimed at better exploiting the opportunities presented by the digital age while at the same time combating internat piracy more effectively.

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