Seminar: Keeping Company Know-How Confidential


Seminar content

In this seminar, participants will learn which information requires confidential handling in which contexts.  Based on concrete examples, the course will identify the most important situations regarding confidentiality and show the ramifications when confidential information becomes publicly known. Participants will also learn the most important points in confidentiality agreements. The seminar will round off with a presentation on general strategic considerations concerning when it is better to patent a technological solution and when to keep it secret.



The seminar is comprised of a theoretical part and practical exercises. This ensures that participants will be able to directly implement what they have learned in the seminar in their work environment.



  • Creating awareness among company staff/management when dealing with confidential information
  • Understanding a confidentiality agreement
  • Understanding the relationship between confidentiality and patents

Target audience

Management and scientific staff



No previous knowledge necessary



Dr Ute-Christine Konopka, Owner thinksafe


Length of seminar

Half-day plus advanced consultation and preparation


Seminar programme

Theoretical part
09.00hIntroduction – Seminar goals
General knowledge concerning confidentiality and the ramifications of confidential information becoming publicly known.
Practical part
10.45hHandling confidential information in conversations and contracts with customers, suppliers, company outsiders.
12.30hEnd of seminar

Seminar language

German or English






Upon agreement



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