Seminar: Company technologies – To Protect or Not To Protect?


Seminar content

In this seminar, participants will learn the fundamentals of a successful patenting strategy. The seminar will consider the most important evaluation criteria for identifying company technologies worth protecting and for maintaining the confidentiality of certain information. Participants will learn how to implement a profitable patent strategy in a company and which decision-makers within the company are necessary for this.



The seminar is comprised of a theoretical part and practical exercises. This is to ensure that participants can develop a patent strategy after a one-day seminar, and that they can directly implement the patent strategy in their work environment afterwards.



  • Know the advantages and benefits of a patent strategy for a company
  • Evaluate technologies as to whether they should be protected
  • Know which types of intellectual property rights, publications or trade secrets are in the company's interest

Target audience

Management and scientific staff



Prior knowledge in patent law is an advantage.


Length of seminar

One day plus advanced consultation and preparation


Seminar programme

Theoretical part
09.00hIntroduction – Seminar goals
Evaluating a company's technologies
Whether or not to maintain confidentiality based on evaluation criteria
10.45hStructural set-up of company technology for evaluating the technologies – to protect or to not protect (=patent strategy)
Guide for executing and implementing a patent strategy in a company
Practical part
13.15hExercises on the structural set-up of company technologies - to protect or  
not to protect?
Exercises on executing and implementing a patent strategy in a company
15.00hEnd of seminar

Seminar language

German or English






Upon agreement



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