WIPO launches its own digital evidence service: WIPO PROOF

With WIPO PROOF, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has launched a global online service that provides proof of the existence of a digital file at a specific point in time.


The new service complements WIPO’s existing intellectual property systems by helping creators to take verifiable measures to better protect the results of their work.


The system is intended to reduce the risk of future legal disputes. WIPO acts as a time-stamping authority by issuing so-called ‘tokens’ (digital fingerprints of a digital file, stamped with the date and time, in any format and size).


WIPO Proof should make the settlement of IP disputes much easier. However, the instrument as such does not provide absolute IP protection. It neither guarantees the existence of the alleged right nor does it bind a court in its assessment of evidence.


Dieser «WIPO-Beweis» soll die Beilegung IP-Streitigkeiten wesentlich erleichtern. Allerdings bietet das Instrument als solches keinen absoluten IP-Schutz. Es garantiert weder den Bestand des behaupteten Rechts, noch ist der Richter dadurch in seiner Beweiswürdigung gebunden.