Who has the most beautiful design?

15.10.2018 | IP news

Even a door lock or a radiator can look chic: the jury of the DesignEuropa Awards announced the eight finalists for the award ceremony in November.


The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) will host the DesignEuropa Awards 2018 on 27 November in Warsaw. Its jury has now presented four finalists for each of the two categories.


“Industry Award” Category

·         Modular outdoor furniture “Docks” (Gandia Basco)

·         Smart video doorbell “Intercom” (Fibar Group)

·         Radiator “Origami” (Tubes Radiatori)

·         Robotic C-arm angiography system “Artis Pheno” (Siemens Health)


“Small and Emerging Companies Award” Category

·         Airport bag drop system “Air.Go 2.0” (Marcus Pedersen)

·         Home breast examination system “Braster System” (Braster S.A.)

·         Bicycle parking system “Loclock” (Durbanis S.A.)

·         Chair “Nico Less” (Donar)


You can find photos of all the products and further information here.


Apple designer Hartmut Esslinger receives Lifetime Achievement Award


The finale of the DesignEuropa Awards will not take place until the end of November but one winner has already been announced: Hartmut Esslinger is being honoured for his lifetime body of work. With a career spanning 50 years, the German designer is regarded as one of the world’s most influential industrial designers. Esslinger developed more than 100 products for Sony, amongst other products. In 1982, his company, frog design, entered into an exclusive contract with Apple Computer to develop a design strategy for the computer producer.


How can I protect a design in Switzerland?


Designs are creative, unique forms that can be registered and protected in Switzerland by the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI). This includes two-dimensional designs such as fabric patterns or bottle labels as well as shapes such as watches, lamps and chairs. You can find comprehensive information <link en protecting-your-ip designs.html>here.