Partnership for Swiss innovation

SMEs and start-ups should be given the best conditions to start well on the market. This is why the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) and Switzerland Innovation are working together to connect universities and innovative companies at five locations in Switzerland. The exchange between science and industry via this comprehensive platform helps to develop ideas in such a way as to create products and services that can be marketed successfully.


A patent search brings clarity


It is therefore all the more important that start-ups are able to assess the potential of their idea or invention at an early stage of their development. For this reason, the IPI offers companies supported by Switzerland Innovation an Assisted Patent Search and an Assisted Patent Landscape Analysis within the scope of this partnership. Following such a search, companies will have found out not only whether their invention is patentable, but also what the market is like in which they want to operate.


Switzerland Innovation


This video explains the Assisted Patent Search.