Do you choose 1, 2 or 3...? The IP strategy game

Who knew IP could be such fun? On 23 November, the IPI conducted a challenge which saw participants develop an IP strategy by playing a game. The event took place as part of the Swiss Innovation Forum (SIF).


An invention by a fictional company was the starting point for an exciting journey centred on innovation and protection. Throughout the challenge, the participants were repeatedly presented with three possible options for their next steps. They had until the sound of the gong to discuss their choice in groups. Each decision had implications for their future options.

Miriam Gantert from Superloop Innovation led the challenge brilliantly, alongside IPI patent experts Sibilla Delorenzi and Christian Moser.


Nurture your innovation


Afterwards, Felix Addor, Deputy Director General of the IPI, used a garden analogy to illustrate the importance of developing an IP strategy. The seed (an idea) grows into a plant (an innovation), which is fragile to begin with. It needs to be nurtured, and the garden also needs to be protected by a fence. This prevents you from inadvertently stepping into other people’s gardens too (freedom to operate).


Throughout the day, Kamran Houshang Pour (patent expert) and Matthias Käch (Senior IP Trainer) answered questions about intellectual property at the IPI’s stand. The STOP PIRACY association (of which the IPI is a founding member) was also represented at the SIF for the first time.


The IPI is a long-standing partner of the Swiss Innovation Forum.