Viewing results in detail

Click on a result in the overview to see more details.

In detail view, you will find more information about the emblem. For signs registered with the WIPO, the details page of the WIPO Global Brand Database will also be linked.


For nationally protected signs, the following details are displayed:

  • Representation and verbal elements in the image
  • Date on which it was last updated (status as of)
  • Colours (if recorded)
  • Vienna Classification
  • Type and subcategory of sign
  • Specific legal basis with a link (if available)
  • Remarks (if provided; often the blazon of the coat of arms)
  • Address of the competent authority


The export function allows you to export the search results as a PDF file. Please note that this database extract is not legally binding.


Are you unsure of the meaning of the terms used in detail view? Take a look at this explanation of terms.