Explanation of terms

On this page, you will find explanations of the terms used in the list of protected public signs. They are listed in alphabetic order.


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The ‘Category’ filter only applies to international signs (Type: WIPO signs).




The state which has registered the sign for protection. The number of signs from this state is shown in brackets.


Subcategory type of sign

The signs of the cantonal public bodies (Art. 5 CAPA) can be divided into three subcategories:

  • Coats of arms: the shield-shaped coats of arms of communes, cantons and other districts
  • Flags: the flags of these areas in rectangular or square form
  • Other emblems: other signs protected by cantonal and/or communal laws



Types of sign

The various types of sign are defined in the corresponding articles of the law (CAPA and CAPO).



Vienna classification

The Vienna Classification was established in 1973 by the Vienna Agreement and is an international system for the classification of figurative elements of marks. You can find more information here: WIPO: Vienna Classification.