Search results

Your search results will be displayed as an overview. Click on a result to see more detailed information.


Grid view

The grid view provides the following information for each search result:

  • Title of the patent or patent application

  • Patent number

  • Application date

  • File status (last valid patent document)

  • IP right status (active or cancelled)

  • Owner


List view

You can switch to the list view by clicking on the list/grid button (not available in the mobile version).
For each result in the list view, you will see exactly where the search term has been found. You can then click on these fields to refine your search.
The IP right status is shown by a symbol in the list view: a green, solid circle for active, and a red crossed-out circle for cancelled IP rights. 


Sort by

By default, search results are sorted by descending relevance. At the top, you will see all IP rights containing your search term in their title. These are followed by results for patent numbers, application numbers, owner addresses, representative addresses and lastly results for the classifications.
By clicking on Sort by, you can sort the results by filing date, grant date, publication date or maximum term of protection.
Click on the arrow next to this to change the order:

  • Descending order – the most relevant result or most recent date appears first.

  • Ascending order – the least relevant result or oldest date appears first.


Export (see 'More')

The Export function allows you to export the search results – up to 500 results – as a CSV or a PDF file.


Bookmark (see 'More')

By clicking on Bookmark, you can save your search query and set a bookmark in your browser, for example. You need to be logged in to your user account to use this function.


Change the number of results per page

You can use the Results per page function (located below the search results) to choose to display 8, 16 (default), 32 or 64 results.