Search results

Your search results will be displayed in overview form. By default, they are presented in grid form, in order of relevance. Select a result to see more detailed information.


Grid view

The grid view provides the following information for each search result (may slightly differ depending on the type): the representation of the emblem, the type or category of the sign, the number, the Vienna Classification, the state, or the authority’s address.


List view

You can switch to the list view by clicking on the list/grid button (not available in the mobile version).

In the list view, for each result, you will see exactly where the search term has been found. You can then click on these fields to refine your search.


Sort by

By clicking on Sort by, you can sort the results by relevance or by number.

Click on the arrow next to this to choose between ascending or descending order:

  • Descending: the highest number or the most relevant result will be listed first.
  • Ascending: the lowest number or the least relevant result will be listed first.

Export (see 'More')

The Export function allows you to export the search results – up to 500 results – as a PDF file. This is only possible if the results are protected public signs of Switzerland.


Bookmark (see 'More')

By clicking Bookmark, you can save your search query and set a bookmark in your browser, for example. You need to log in to your user account to use this function.


Change the number of results per page

You can use the Results per page function (located below the search results) to choose to display 8, 16 (default), 32 or 64 results.