By using a filter, you can restrict your search, for example, to specific types of sign, to specific categories of sign, or to states.


Activate or reset filters

You can activate the filter or filters you wish to use before searching or use filters to refine your search results. In the second case, only the filter applicable to the search result will be displayed.

Active filters are indicated by an asterisk as well as appearing under the heading ‘Filters’.

You can remove the filters individually (directly beside the filter or under the heading ‘Filters’) or remove all at the same time by clicking on ‘Reset’.


Filter: Vienna Classification

Choose a Vienna Classification by entering a code (e.g. 03.07.01) or a term which describes the representation (e.g. eagle) to find all emblems with representations containing this feature.


Filter: State

Choose a state from the drop-down menu to find all the emblems that this state wishes to protect internationally via WIPO.


Not sure what the terms used in the filters mean? Take a look at this glossary.