Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)


Published documents


The documents published by the negotiating Parties as a group are available on this page. For the press releases following each round of negotiations see here.


Publication of the proposed Agreement

Following the conclusion of the negotiations, the finalised text of the proposed agreement (pdf 146 KB) has been made publicly available.


Publication of the ACTA draft text

During the round of negotiations in April 2010 in Wellington (New Zealand), the parties decided together to make a current draft of the Agreement (pdf 235 KB) available to the public.
In the estimation of the negotiating partners, discussions have now reached such a stage that the outline of the planned agreement can be more clearly recognised and its publication appears to be of use. To date, however, no part of the Agreement has been adopted. The draft text therefore contains numerous alternatives and suggestions in square brackets, which are still subject to discussion. The positions of the individual participants are not stated in it, as corresponds to practice.
The Institute strongly welcomes this step towards increased transparency and thereby hopes that the public debate on the planned Agreement will be encouraged and simultaneously objectified. The Institute will continue to actively provide information on the progress of the negotiations and intends to conduct a second information and consultation event in June. As with the first event, participation will be open to all interested parties upon advanced reservation.


Release of a fact sheet

As part of their enhanced efforts to provide more and up-dated information, participants in the ACTA negotiations published in March 2010 a fact sheet informing on the content and the objectives of the agreement. This fact sheet (Status March 2010, pdf 139 KB) was drafted with considerable input from Switzerland and Canada and is to be read in combination with the overview paper (Status November 2009, pdf 362 KB) published before. The fact sheet provides answers to frequently asked questions.


ACTA: Overview of the current status of key elements under discussion

Participants in negotiations on the Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) have published a detailed overview of the content and current status of key elements under discussion. The paper (Status November 2009, pdf 362 KB) contains background information as well as information on the objectives and structure of the agreement. It was drafted with considerable input from Switzerland. The matters currently under discussion are presented under the individual section headings in the agreement text.
Negotiations for the anti-counterfeiting trade agreement have been ongoing since June 2008. Participants are striving to conclude the ACTA negotiations during the course of next year (2010).