Green light for the revision of copyright law and AGUR12

Does Switzerland need a law against the illegal downloading of music? In response to Savary Postulate 10.3263, the Federal Council concluded in its report on the unauthorised use of works on the internet that the existing legal framework is adequate. It stated, however, that both technological developments and discussions at international level are to be actively followed. The situation is to be reassessed on a periodic basis in order to anticipate and be actively involved in a possible need for further development of copyright law.


For this reason, Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga convened a copyright working group (AGUR12) in August 2012. The AGUR12 was mandated to identify the possibilities that exist for adapting copyright law to technological developments. In December 2013, the working group submitted its final report.


Subsequently, the Federal Council addressed the recommendations of the AGUR12 and commissioned the Federal Department of Justice and Police to develop a draft for consultation. In the draft for consultation, a total of 1,224 comments were submitted, many of which with widely diverging stances. This was also the case with those aspects of the draft for consultation that were closely based on the recommendations of the AGUR12.


In order to increase acceptance of the draft act, the Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga reconvened the AGUR12. In March 2017, the working group agreed on a compromise.