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General Information (TRIPS Agreement)

Protection of Geographical Indications within the Context of the TRIPS Agreement.


Extension of protection under Article 23, TRIPS to products other than wines and spirits

Switzerland is committed to geographical indications. Improving protection for them is in the interest not only of industrialized, but also of developing countries:

In the interest of guaranteeing better protection for geographical indications for all products at an international level, Switzerland and several other WTO Member States presented a proposal for the extension (pdf 86 KB) of additional protection, as provided in Article 23, to geographical indications identifying products other than wines and spirits at a meeting of the TRIPS Council.

List of the communications presented to the TRIPS Council by Switzerland and other co-sponsors on the issue of extension:


A register for geographical indications for wines and spirits

The establishment of a multilateral system of notification and registration for geographical indications for wines and spirits: the necessity of a strong register.


Important developments

Detailed report of developments in recent years.