Mini-enterprises: “We learned a lot about intellectual property”

For the past nine months, young people have been managing their own companies as part of the Young Enterprise Switzerland (YES) competition. In the semi-final in Zurich, a specialist from the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) also tested their knowledge of intellectual property.

In the YES Company Programme, young people learn how to run a business. They found a mini-enterprise, which they then manage under real-life conditions for a year. The IPI is a national partner of the company programme. At an early stage in the programme, intellectual property trainer Matthias Käch was invited by a number of schools to explain how important it is to give some thought to intellectual property. “It’s crucial to draw young people’s attention to the fact that they’re not alone in the market,” says Matthias Käch.



In the semi-final in Shopville, Zurich, the 75 best young entrepreneurs presented their products. Matthias Käch interviewed each of them during the course of the event. The top team in the final in Zurich on 3–4 June will receive the IPI’s IP Management Award.

What did the young participants think of the workshops? What did they find useful for their mini-enterprises? Find out more in the video.


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