Our commitment

The IPI supports selected organisations and programmes as part of its legal mandate to provide information to the public on intellectual property including the Swiss Innovation Forum (SIF) event, the SEF4KMU programme and the Swiss youth in science foundation, "Schweizer Jugend forscht".


The Swiss Innovation Forum (SIF) is a leading national platform for the promotion of innovation, creativity and design in Switzerland. Its aim is to establish a sustainable innovation culture in Switzerland, which it does by highlighting exemplary projects, giving recommended actions and initiating pioneering activities. With this focus, the SIF fits in exceptionally well with the tasks and objectives of the IPI. The IPI has also been substantially involved in the development of the forum since it was founded.

The SEF4KMU is an initiative of the Swiss Economic Forum (SEF) that provides practical support to Swiss SMEs. Small and mediun-sized companies in Switzerland benefit from a customised growth programme and practical knowledge from the Swiss Economic Forum’s network. The IPI supports these initiatives through its specialist knowledge such as with expert visits, assisted patent searches and other in-depth clarifications concerning patents. The IPI has also recently provided substantial funding to finance the expansion of the SEF4SME's activities in the French and Italian-speaking regions of Switzerland.

Schweizer Jugend forscht (SJf), the Swiss youth in science foundation, organises various events for young people at secondary school levels I and II (secondary school, commercial school, vocational college) that are interested in science and research. The foundation provides young people and young adults with a platform where they can gain initial experience in scientific work. The foundation regards itself as a supplement to school education and, above all, attaches importance to independent learning and discovery about the world of science. It also encourages competence-building for when students later choose a profession or course of study.


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