Team «Sironia» gewinnt den IP-Management Award des IGE

As part of its commitment as a national partner of Young Enterprise Switzerland (YES), at the national final of the Company Programme on 29 May, the IPI awarded the IP Management Award to a student mini-company.

Bestnoten für die Sieger: Team Sironia. Bild: Screenshot

The team ‘Sironia’ from the Alte Kantonsschule Aarau impressively demonstrated their understanding of choosing a product name that respects trade mark law, safeguarding one’s own copyright and respecting the copyright of third parties, as well as protecting one's own knowledge by means of self-developed checklists, risk assessments and contracts. 


«We realised how important IP management is»

With the IPI Management Award and the workshops offered to mini-companies at the beginning of the school year, the IPI aims to make students aware of the most important questions relating to intellectual property. This statement from Sironia's IP Management Report shows that the initiative has been successful and that the mini-companies can develop an understanding of the complex interrelations: «Because we were aware of how important IP management is for Sironia, we were able to avoid possible complications by keeping the rules in mind.»


Intellectual property in focus – where we are involved. This school year, the IPI strengthened its collaboration with YES by joining the jury to select the best mini-company. 


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