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The Crash Course in Intellectual Property is the most popular training course offered by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI). We had the chance to sit in on the course in Bern where the participants learned all about trade marks, patents, designs and copyright.

Der «Crashkurs Geistiges Eigentum» ist das beliebteste Schulungsangebot des IGE. Copyright: IPI

Intellectual property (IP) is all around us. Whether you’re reading the newspaper (copyright), using your coffee machine (patent) or driving your car to work (design). What’s more, we’re constantly encountering different brands (trade marks). IP rights prevent free riders from simply copying these innovations and creations.


From entrepreneurs to inventors

In the IPI’s one-day crash course, the participants become familiar with the various IP rights and their characteristics from a practical point of view. The attendees come from a range of backgrounds: IP managers in companies, start-up owners, law firm employees, inventors and private individuals interested in learning the basics of IP.

Practical examples are used in the seminar to explain and bring the world of trade marks, patents and designs to life. For example, the participants find out that even big-name inventors, such as Apple founder Steve Jobs, are not immune to slip-ups with intellectual property.


Two IPI experts lead the course

The crash course is led by the experienced experts Matthias Käch and Kamran Houshang Pour. It takes place every September and March in German and every May in French.

Take a look at our training calendar. We’ve got a course that’s just right for you too!


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