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Patent data is a valuable source of information for enterprises. It can also form the basis of their business decisions. Patent data could include information on the activity of competitors, geographical concentrations or even details on the newest player in the market. The IPI’s Assisted Patent Landscape Analysis offers all of this to SMEs and much else besides.

Keep an eye on your competitors by carrying out an Assisted Patent Landscape Analysis. Copyright: iStock/Massonstock

Given that data transparency is a key principle of patent protection, patents are an open book. When someone files for a patent, they are afforded the exclusive right to use it for 20 years. In return, the applicant must disclose in the patent specification how their patent works. Third parties can then draw inspiration from it or build upon it. Patent data contains not only technical information, but also provides answers to business-related questions such as: In which countries are my competitors active? Is there a collaboration between the applicant and inventor? How long has the patent been active?


The IPI’s experts can track down such sought-after information in a data trove of over 100 million documents using suitable tools.



What's happening in my own technology sector?

These search options are put to use in the IPI’s Assisted Patent Landscape Analysis. The analysis doesn’t only focus on competitors, however. The patent expert also provides the customer with a core set of relevant patent documents. This collection is compiled based on various criteria. Customers often wish to analyse a particular technology sector or area of application. Equally, however, the place of origin or name of an inventor or applicant could also be used as a filter.


Discovering the big picture

The expert and customer then examine the data together using tools and analysis techniques to see the big picture. The Assisted Patent Landscape Analysis delivers answers to the following questions, among others:



  • How many patents are there in the specified sector?
  • How is this number developing over time? Is it constant, increasing or decreasing?


Detailed analysis

  • Who are the most active applicants and inventors?
  • Who has recently entered the market and who has withdrawn from it?
  • Which technological trends can be identified?
  • Where are the geographical concentrations?
  • How large and how old are the patent portfolios of specific applicants?
  • How are you positioned with your own patent applications in this environment?


Please note: An Assisted Patent Landscape Analysis takes a maximum of one day and is aimed at SMEs, start-ups, individual inventors and public research institutes. The IPI is subject to strict confidentiality regarding all information exchanged with the customer and regarding the results of the search.


You can find more information: Assisted Patend Landscape Analysis

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