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Under this section, you will find extracts from the IPI's Fee Ordinance (in German, French or Italian) which is used for calculating fees for statutory services. It is possible to be invoiced for these fees, or the IPI has provisions for setting up a special "current account" against which fees and remuneration are automatically charged. In addition, it is also possible to pay for services and some fees specified by the IPI relating to sovereign activities using the respective online methods (credit cards, PostFinance).

  • Sovereign activities provided by the IPI are exempt from VAT. Services provided on the basis of private law, however, are subject to VAT under the VAT Act (see Art. 17 IGEG in German, French or Italian).
  • For training courses, the IPI has opted for taxation under Art 22 of the VAT Act and therefore includes VAT on invoices.
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